A special time when we are reminded of the birth of Jesus and of the birth of our own emerging Christhood. 

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New Year

A time of inspiration, intention and hope as we start the new year with a fresh, clean page of opportunity.

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A time to join the three kings, El Morya, Kuthumi and Djwal Kul, in paying homage to the inner Christ light.

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Ascended Master Holidays/Events

Ascension days

Honor the ascended masters in celebrating their ultimate victory by sharing in their joy with your family and friends.

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Inspiration on the spiritual path

Encouragement on the path

For those times of initiation and testing when we might need a boost of encouragement along the way.

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Thank you on the spiritual path

Thank you

For those times on the upward trek when thank you’s are in order. 

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Happy birthday greetings

Happy birthday

Choose from many different options to send your birthday blessings to friends, family and fellow seekers.

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