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Ascended-Master-Inspired eCards

Welcome to this gallery of ascended-master-inspired eCards! We look forward to adding new cards over time as this project grows. Please enjoy and use this free service to bring a touch of joy, support and hopefully inspiration to others who are also striving to climb the highest mountain.

We know that walking the path to our ascension can be glorious. It can also feel overwhelming sometimes. But we know, as the ascended masters often remind us, it is WORTH IT!

Whether you’re letting your friend know that you’re grateful for their friendship on the path, you want to share a word of encouragement for the upward trek, or you want to wish someone a happy El Morya’s ascension day, we hope that these cards help you keep in touch with your friends, family and loved ones throughout the world.

With ❤️, 

Your Kumara Creations Team


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